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#WCW: Calico Cooper

We are extremely proud to announce that our very first Women Crush Wednesday is …



We couldn’t have picked a better Renaissance woman to lead the charge of kickass women.  Calico is a singer, actress, model, choreographer, and producer.  You may recognize her from her roles on The Mindy Project, Hawaii 5-0, or Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger.  Maybe you’ve sung along with her at a Beasto Blanco concert or perhaps you’ve seen her performing with her father, shock rock legend Alice Cooper.  Whatever the case, Calico is no stranger to the public eye.  It is, however, what she does behind the scenes that has caught our attention…




In Calico’s free time she devotes herself to volunteer work at a place she is very passionate about, the Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center.  The Downtown Women’s Center was founded in 1978 and is the only organization in Los Angeles dedicated to addressing the needs of women overcoming poverty and homelessness in Skid Row.  Their mission is to provide permanent supportive housing for the women, as well as, a safe and healthy community.  They are all about  fostering dignity, respect, and personal stability to advocate ending homelessness for women.  I mean, how amazing is that?!?  And the Center is right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles so it is easily accessible to the public.






Calico has remained heavily involved with the DWC for many years and has done a variety of volunteer work there, but she said what touched her heart the most was her involvement with their Lookbook.  We met up with her at Made by DWC, the Downtown Women’s Center retail store, to talk more about her role with the DWC and what purpose the Lookbook serves:





What we also learned is that the Lookbook is meant to encourage everyone to come and purchase at Made by DWC because ALL of the proceeds go directly to the Downtown Women’s Center.  That is amazing because you know that your money will go straight to a woman in need.  And Calico shared with us that all of these women come from all kinds of hardships, but what was most surprising for us to learn was that there are many women whose situation could happen to any one of us.  They had jobs and husbands and kids living out their every day life when something completely unexpected happened and they were left to fend for themselves.  Because of the DWC, they don’t have to live on the streets or live in poverty.  They now have a place where they are nourished and are encouraged into job training programs, which allow them to find the confidence to be their own independent woman.  I mean it is absolutely inspiring!




So by doing the Fall Lookbook, Calico is also helping to directly promote the clothes and specialty vintage pieces you may find at MADE by DWC.  At the retail store they sell contemporary women’s clothing, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, shoes, accessories, household items, and the Downtown Women’s Center own signature handMADE product line!   (We are particularly thrilled about their product line because we got a sneak peak into their holiday gift bag while we were there.  You can expect to see a post about that in the very near future).  And other than purchasing from the store, another way you can get involved is by donating the clothes and housewares you no longer want… that way your items are cycled back into the store OR they go directly to the women themselves.  Whatever you choose to do, know that every little bit helps and that it truly, truly makes a difference.


Below are some behind the scenes of Calico hard at work on the set of their Fall Lookbook photoshoot.  And like she said in the video, these featured women are from all aspects of the Downtown Women’s Center (women who are part of the community, volunteers, workers, etc).  Look at all these beauties!


What we appreciate the most about what Calico has done with the Lookbook is that it has given an opportunity for the ladies who are usually hard at work  a moment to stop and be celebrated.  These are women who are busy helping others, focusing on getting jobs, and/or overcoming their hardships.  They don’t have the time to dress up and get glammed up from day to day.  And that’s exactly why Calico is our very first #WCW.  Not only is it about celebrating her and how badass she is as a human, but it is also about how she is not afraid to celebrate other women.  Because  Calico spends so much time with these ladies, she knows their inner beauty and has found a way to encourage them to shine.


Thank you, Calico, for letting us spotlight your time at the Downtown Women’s Center.  We are so touched by all of your stories and are inspired by your work there.  We could not have asked for a more warm and joyful spirit to usher in our Women Crush Wednesday Series!!!


Lots of love,

Soma & Ulte






Links to the DWC, MADE retail store, and the Lookbook itself:




If you’re interested in volunteering at the Downtown Women’s Center check out their website:





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  1. Elizabeth K. September 28, 2016 on 12:23 pm Reply

    What a touching story! What a good deed! Many rounds of applause for Calico.

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