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Wall Hanging DIY


So this little project happened by accident. I found a beautiful piece of driftwood on the beach one day and thought it would make a nice art piece but I had no idea what that would be. After just hanging on to it for a while and running thru a few possibilities I decided to use only what I already had in the house. I rummaged thru and found my drawer of yarn and bingo! A wall hanging! This is about as easy as it comes.

soma-wall-hanging-suppliesStart by simply tying three pieces of yarn to the wood, one hanging down the middle and one on each side. You can make this as long or as short as you want the piece to hang.


Then start by cutting ten pieces all the same link. Tie the ten pieces to the string hanging on the left side of the wood leaving roughly a 6” tail (again this is to taste too. You can make the tails as long or as short as you like the look of). Allow a little slack to create the drape between the vertical strings, then tie those same 10 pieces to the middle string. Create that drape again and finish by tying those pieces to the last vertical string hanging on the right side of the wood.

You continue this process making your ten pieces progressively longer and longer making a deeper and deeper drape and tail.


Et voila! Probably the easiest DIY you’ll ever make without spending a dime



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One thought on “Wall Hanging DIY”
  1. Dayna October 3, 2016 on 2:18 pm Reply

    I want to make this, dip dye it, and hang delicate metal chains randomly through it… love the textures!

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