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DIY: Striped Flower Pots

Are y’all ready for THE easiest DIY you’ve ever seen?? If the word “DIY” tends to scare you off just stick with me. The only skill need for this is being able to place tape, that’s it! And it’s extremely versatile.

Start with any flower pots you have, (we got these from Target for 79 cents a piece) and a variety of washi tape.

I took inspiration for our pots from this skirt in our post HERE

Simply pick your design and stick it on! Because these pots are slightly tapered I cut some of the tape horizontally because the thicker tape did tend to get bubbles in it. You can clearly see how easy this would be to change to any color scheme you like. And because this is so easy to do and inexpensive it can easily be changed at a moments notice. This is the perfect project if you’re hosting a party, baby shower, wedding shower, anything where you want to add little pop of color or design. And what makes it even more versatile is that they doesn’t even have to used as flower pots!

They’re also perfect for holding napkins, utensils, candy, party favors, anything for your party table setting.

Didn’t I tell you it was easy! It’s so nice when something so easy can make such a quick and dramatic difference!


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One thought on “DIY: Striped Flower Pots”
  1. Mingvimol April 7, 2017 on 4:18 pm Reply

    Yes, its very easy, and also very useful! I love stripes, what smart idea!

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