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Hand Stamped Palm Print Napkins

I have to be honest with y’all, sometimes when I’m trying to come up with recipes, home decor ideas, or diy ideas I try so hard to make something that might truly impress y’all, that I overlook or feel uninspired by the simpler diy’s out there. But I’ve found that an overwhelming number of y’all actually like the quick and easy diy’s! So once I realized that, I thought theses super cute palm print napkins just might be right up yalls alley! Obviously our inspiration for the palm print came from this adorable two piece OOTD that June wore this past Monday HERE.

We started with these Buffet Napkins from World Market in Ivory, this Palm Leaf rubber stamp from Paper Source, Color Box stamp ink in shades Evergreen and Grass.

Start off by unfolding your napkin so you can get a better of idea of the pattern you want to make. I started by using the Grass color all over the napkins.

Then I went in with the Evergreen color and stamped on top of some of the palms I’d already stamped with the Grass color. 

I love the dimension it gave the leaves! I didn’t go over all of the Grass colored palms because I liked the variety it gave having both colors. 

And that’s literally it!! I told y’all it was simple, but I’m so happy with how they turned out! They look like a print you would easily spend twice as much for at any home decor store!

I finished the table setting with the GORGEOUS plates June got me for Christmas, that she talked a bit about this past Wednesday, HERE.


And there y’all have it! Happy stamping!!



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2 thoughts on “Hand Stamped Palm Print Napkins”
  1. Elizabeth May 19, 2017 on 4:05 pm Reply

    Love your table settings as well as the palm print napkins which is sooo gorgeous!

  2. Emmahlyn May 19, 2017 on 6:50 pm Reply

    I love DIYing and these napkins are brilliant! I can’t wait to give these a try for our next outdoor gathering!

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