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#Realtalk: The Adventures of Connie & June

When we first started Soma & Ulte we really didn’t know what we were doing or what to expect.  Heck, in some ways we STILL don’t ha!  We started back in September and we often feel like infants in comparison to other blogs.  We are still learning how to take pictures, we are learning how to be in the pictures, we are learning how to use social media, and we are learning how to produce, direct, shoot, and edit all of our content on our own.  It’s challenging, rewarding, and maddening all at the same time.  How do these bloggers do it?!  We’ve read some accounts, which have helped us see that most of them are not overnight success stories and in a lot of ways it has been comforting, but usually it’s dedicated in an overall well-polished “look-at-me-now” “wish-I-had-known-this” kinda manner.  Welp, we are definitely not those gals yet so we decided to share with you guys some of our trials and tribulations of blogging along the way.  It’s time for some open and honest #realtalk.


Some mornings we have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to do hair and makeup and, honestly, there is nothing worse in my eyes than doing… hair and makeup.  This is why I’m in the costume department, why I’m a do-your-makeup-in-the-car-between-red lights girl, and why I don’t actually own a hairbrush.  Is that super gross??  I really don’t know.  However, something that you can’t escape when you’re your own blogging brand is that you gotta do it.  On top of that, I’m also a stylist—I can’t just walk around looking janky cuz no one would trust me LOL!  However, there is something undeniably very naked about knowing people are going to look at you and, inevitably, judge you… and Connie and I have talked extensively about the discomfort we feel about being in photos.  For those of us who have chosen a career/life “behind the scenes” there is nothing more terrifying than putting yourself out there or being in the spotlight. But alas, here I am now, learning every day a new gadget for my face or what poses to make my boyish figure more curvy… all in the name of the blog.  And every time we have to do our OOTD photoshoots I’m terrified!!  I get that nervous rollercoaster feeling in my tummy and I start sweating in places where you prolly shouldn’t.  I have to give myself a pep talk.  Lots of people have told me that I seem natural in front of the camera, but there is nothing further from the truth  If it wasn’t for Connie making me laugh and cheering me off that mental ledge  I couldn’t do it- no way.  Cuz deep inside and what I see in the mirror is still that geeky girl with a snaggle tooth, wire framed glasses, crinkled bangs, and gangly body (see photo below for evidence).  I guess what I’m discovering with consistently being placed out of my comfort zone is that this is the only way I will grow.  Despite the fear that strikes my body right before I get in front of the camera, I see that fear lessening with each shoot.  So if ever you’re doubting yourself, remember that every person and journey starts somewhere.  Give your inner critic a break and go hug your scared inner child.  Tell her she’s strong and it will be okay.  She really needs it.  


Ahhh photoshoots, you are a very unique animal. As y’all may or may not have noticed our OOTD’s tend to feature June more than me, this isn’t because June is some ego maniac who loves to look at herself, quite the opposite actually. It’s more because I can have full on panic attacks when it comes time for me to be in front of the camera. And while we will still continue to pick outfits for both of us from time to time I have found where I am most comfortable is behind the camera. I’ve always known I’m uncomfortable being in the spotlight but this whole photo taking is very new for me. I’ve never been the person with a camera in my hands so this has been quite a learning process. And God bless June for always being so patient while I’m taking these photos. I tend to approach taking photos like I’m trouble shooting; but what I’ve discovered is how much I love it! I can’t express the feeling of excitement when I capture that perfect moment (usually when I make June laugh). And just like with the rest of what comes along with blogging, I still have a long ways to go in my “photographer” journey but I’m so thrilled with what I’ve learned so far and I truly love geeking out over learning new photography skills. So I promise y’all I will be getting better as time goes on, and as for when I’m in the pictures, well, all I can really say is, sorry!!! I’m working on that too. Does anyone have tips for making a curvy figure more boyish??



Lesson of the Week:  “If at first you don’t succeed… try and try and try and try another wall”

No one tells you how difficult it is to find the right location or how many photos you have to take until you get something you like.  Polka Dot week was such a challenge for us because we initially wanted to go to the infamous wall in DTLA made by The most Famous Artist.  So we drove to the Springs right at sunrise and lo and behold our precious photoshoot wall was being obstructed by pop up shops for the day.  Plan A: FAIL.  So we go to the Made in LA Wall, which by 9am was littered with tourists.  These cliche walls were angering us by the second.  Plan B: FAIL.  So we drove away to go find another wall and we pull in front of an office building down the street.  By this time, not only are we both completely disgruntled, but the lighting was becoming higher and harsher in the sky and there were reflection issues in the doorway we chose.  Plan C:  FAIL.  Finally, we drove home.  We were on the verge of giving up entirely, cursing how much me have wasted the day.  So to boost our moral we said F it and made plans to just relax for the day.  I changed into my civilian gear and we drove to get lunch.  And as we drove a few blocks away from the house, there it was in it’s shining splendor.  Our glorious, glorious polka dot wall.  HOLY COW BATMAN WE FOUND IT!!!  So after 3 different locations, 100 test shots later, we happily found the vision we had hoped for.  The expert bloggers make this all look so easy, but it isn’t!  It takes so much time, effort, and planning… and, for the most successful bloggers, a whole damn team.  So if you’re feeling disheartened know that you are not alone!  Contact us, we will happily commiserate with you <3.


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3 thoughts on “#Realtalk: The Adventures of Connie & June”
  1. Meagan May 3, 2017 on 1:13 pm Reply

    Its very interesting to get to know both of you from this REALTALK, and also fun to read about your hardship of doing the blog.

  2. Emmahlyn May 3, 2017 on 7:20 pm Reply

    June and Connie, y’all are the cutest! Thank you so much for sharing your journey and thoughts, as I can totally relate with it all. It’s comforting to know that all us new bloggers deal with the same challenges (that it’s not just me) and it’s even more comforting to know that we have each other to lean on and get advice as we grow. Can’t wait to see you both soar to new heights! Wishing you all the best! Xoxo

  3. Danny May 3, 2017 on 8:45 pm Reply

    Love this real talk idea and look forward to seeing it blossom even more with honest moments, soulful discoveries and fun failing moments and photos! You two rock! Suggestion #1: While doing the daily grind, physically take notes/make GPS notes and take photos of cool locations your working in, even if they don’t fit current ideas your dealing with. If a certain visual strikes your fancy (for whatever reason), it’s telling telling you something. Create a folder in your favorite app about locations and inspirations! I do that for my ideas and it can be helpful! #2. Bring along a photographer friend, if you want, to do the Photog work for you or just shoot closeup ‘coverage’ while your in the moment, changing set ups etc *cough cough* call me *cough cough* or need help with a bounce. Give yourself an excuse to play with each other and inspire.

    You two always seem to rock the photos, so have faith that it will only get better and better! High five yourself! You’re doing awesome! I loved the polkdot series.

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