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#Real Talk: Adventures of Connie and June Pt 4

Hey y’all! As you may or may not know, June is in Fiji right now, I know, poor her right?!! So this is more of a solo adventure this week but I have a topic I’m really curious to talk about. With the Holiday weekend this past weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to take […]

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Playful Pinstripes

So we’re pulling a little freaky friday on y’all this week!! As you know, normally June/Ulte writes and styles our OOTD posts and I write and style our home posts on Friday. but with this pinstripe week it was June that had a great diy idea and I have a fashion secret I want to […]

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It’s A Unicorn Party

Now that we’ve spilled the beans on our biggest secret (our unicorn powers) we figured we’d keep it going. We know a lot of people wonder what keeps Wonder Woman in fighting shape, how Cat Woman keeps her svelte and strong figure, so we decided to go ahead and beat you to the punch. We’re gonna […]

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Unicorn Goodies

Are y’all loving unicorn week as much as we are?! There’s nothing more fun, or more capable of helping you get over hump day than, sparkles, rainbows, and glitter!! Here are some products that can give you that magical feeling any day of the week! Unicorn Art Prints The print above would be so cute […]

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The Unicorn Squad: OOTD & SNEAKER DIY

Oh hellllll yeaaaah, you know what time it is!!!  #OOTD Monday and this week’s theme has got us giddy and dreaming of glitter and rainbows.  We found these adorable tees at Zara and they truly inspired it all.  Yep it’s Unicorn week, folks, and we’re celebrating it in style!!!  It’s been a while since our […]

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Hand Stamped Palm Print Napkins

I have to be honest with y’all, sometimes when I’m trying to come up with recipes, home decor ideas, or diy ideas I try so hard to make something that might truly impress y’all, that I overlook or feel uninspired by the simpler diy’s out there. But I’ve found that an overwhelming number of y’all […]

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#RealTalk: The Adventures of Connie and June Pt. 3

Happy Hump Day!! It’s that time again, #RealTalk time.  We’ve been so happy with all the positive feedback we’ve gotten from our new Wednesdays that we’re keeping it going!   June: Ever since our first holiday season together, Connie aka “Soma” and I have been exchanging very carefully thought out gifts for one another.  Luckily, […]

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Pretty Palms OOTD

Happy Monday, everyone!!!  How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun? Connie and I spent our weekend prepping for numerous future posts because I’m getting ready to leave for a job in tropical Fiji!  This will be my second year in a row for the adventure and I pinch myself every time I think […]

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I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night

With all our Rock N Roll inspiration for Black and White week, a flashing neon sign seemed like the perfect home DIY project to accompany our rocker chick OOTDs. And it’s surprisingly easy to make! To get started you need a canvas, we used THIS 12×24 canvas, paint (obviously we went for black), some El […]

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#RealTalk: The Adventures of Connie & June Pt. 2

After popular demand from last week’s post, we’re doing another edition of #RealTalk !  This week we have dedicated it all to Rock & Roll and we ended up in Downtown LA to do our photoshoot.  We ended up learning so much and made friends along our little adventure 🙂   JUNE: We love LA!!! […]

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