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We Will We Will Rock YOU: OOTD

Hello from Los Angeles!!! Connie and I are absolutely thrilled about today’s post because we chose to do something we haven’t done in forever, which also happens to be one of our favorite pastimes together: TWINNING.  FOR NO FRIGGIN’ REASON. Ok, so maybe we are only semi-twinning, but regardless, we just love getting dressed up […]

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DIY: Pom Pom Sandals

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, pom poms make everything better, and definitely more fun! This is a super easy way to change up a favorite pair of sandals. To get started you need a pair of sandals (these madewell sandals have been a favorite of mine for years), pom poms, and […]

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#Realtalk: The Adventures of Connie & June

When we first started Soma & Ulte we really didn’t know what we were doing or what to expect.  Heck, in some ways we STILL don’t ha!  We started back in September and we often feel like infants in comparison to other blogs.  We are still learning how to take pictures, we are learning how […]

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Polka Dot Party: OOTD

Happy May, everyone!!!!  This spring brought a lot of showers here in LA and we are extremely grateful for taking a breather from our severe drought.  And now for the first time (in at least half of the decade that I’ve lived here) everything is a beautiful lush green and the flowers are sprinkling our […]

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Orange Slice Popsicles

I don’t know about y’all but here in LA it is already starting to feel like the dog days of summer. The other day at work it was 98 outside, and we LOVE it!! And this quick rise in temperature has got us thinking about cool refreshing treats! I for one am always on the […]

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WWW: Orange You Glad!

Happy humpday everyone!! Is it just us or does this week feel like its draaaaaaging a bit? We’ve both been so busy we haven’t even seen each other yet this week 🙁  Usually being busy makes the week fly by but being busy without seeing your soul mate makes it feel like an eternity! Fortunately […]

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Feeling the Heat: OOTD

The heat is on here in Los Angeles and festivities are in full swing!!  Coachella may be over, but Stagecoach is just around the corner… and for some of us (Connie) we couldn’t be more excited about the awesome lineup.  For others (me) we’re just excited to see that Shania Twain is friggin’ back, baby!!! […]

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DIY: Indigo Fringe Wall Hanging

Can we all agree that indigo is a forever classic? I mean, it’s never going out of style; and that’s true for fashion and for your home. There are just so many ways to use this color. And when June and I decided on highlighting  indigo for this week I knew immediately the DIY I […]

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#WWW: Indigo Love

Happy #WWW! Today we’re shining the spotlight on one of our favorite colors, Indigo Blue, and how could you blame us?  It’s arguably one of the most versatile colors in the blue family, especially since it is often associated with our jeans.  Obviously it is popular in the fashion world, but it has also become […]

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OOTD: Festival Fringe DIY

WOOHOOOO!!!  Welcome to Festival Season!  The kickoff was at Coachella this past weekend and there are so many more on the way.  Whether your jam is going to FYF, Outside Lands or Stagecoach, there’s something out there for everyone and the fashion styles are just as diverse as the people attending.  There is an opportunity […]

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