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I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night

With all our Rock N Roll inspiration for Black and White week, a flashing neon sign seemed like the perfect home DIY project to accompany our rocker chick OOTDs. And it’s surprisingly easy to make! To get started you need a canvas, we used THIS 12×24 canvas, paint (obviously we went for black), some El […]

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DIY: Marbleized Easter Eggs

Happy almost Easter!! Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved Easter as much as Christmas and the Fourth of July (don’t even get me going on some Red, White, and Blue! That’s for another time.) My family always made a big deal about Easter, my mama would sneak into our rooms the night before […]

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Beach, Please…Sun Hat DIY

Happy Friday!!! If y’all haven’t noticed we’ve been dreaming of island escapes all week long. I feel like it’s always this time of year where my mind goes on a tropical vacation. The temperatures are rising and it’s been a while since the holidays but summer is still a bit away. Thankfully we’re fortunate enough to […]

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Floral Chandelier DIY

Happy S P R I N G y’all!!!! As I’m sure you’re all well aware by now, Monday was the first day of spring. But what you may not know is that today is June’s birthday!! With as happy and cheery as we have been around here lately we wanted our DI-Friday to evoke that […]

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DIY Monogrammed Handkerchiefs and A Spring Celebration

Happy Friday y’all!! You know we love any excuse to celebrate and with spring just around the corner (finally!!) and June’s recent engagement we had an easy twofer! We wanted to make something that screamed spring and something specific to June’s upcoming nuptials. So for today’s DI-Friday we made super simple DIY Monogrammed Handkerchiefs!!  They’re […]

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A Beachy Keen Tote

I think we can all agree anything is made better when you put pom poms on it! And THESE pom pom makers (for the lack of a better word) make it so easy! We truly made it while sitting on the beach, it’s that easy! But I have found the directions to be a bit […]

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DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub

Here’s a fun little know fact, in the early 80s my mama started her own all natural skin care line. It was called Honey Bee Natural. She made the most wonderful products from all natural products and zero preservatives. I grew up my whole life with lip balm, lotion, and face scrubs she made. It […]

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Nearly Naked Cake

We have been talkin about dropping down to your skivvies and being comfortable in the skin your in all week long. So when June and I were discussing what home decor/DIY/recipe would go best with this theme the answer was so obvious to me…A NAKED CAKE!!! I mean, if you’re gonna bare all that skin […]

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Old School Valentines

Remember back in elementary school when you’d make a valentine for everyone in your class? I have such vivid memories of heading to the drug store with my mama and a list of all the kids in my class and picking out valentines for everyone. And I mean everyone, you would never in a million years […]

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Holiday Sign DIY

Today’s DIY is inspired by our usual shopping spree at Michaels/ last minute gift ideas / we are just two broke B’s lol.  Aside from all of the expenses of traveling home to see family, bills, and just general ‘adulting’ – the last thing everyone needs is to spend a fortune on gifts!  Perhaps that’s […]

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