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I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night

With all our Rock N Roll inspiration for Black and White week, a flashing neon sign seemed like the perfect home DIY project to accompany our rocker chick OOTDs. And it’s surprisingly easy to make! To get started you need a canvas, we used THIS 12×24 canvas, paint (obviously we went for black), some El […]

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DIY: Pom Pom Sandals

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, pom poms make everything better, and definitely more fun! This is a super easy way to change up a favorite pair of sandals. To get started you need a pair of sandals (these madewell sandals have been a favorite of mine for years), pom poms, and […]

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DIY: Indigo Fringe Wall Hanging

Can we all agree that indigo is a forever classic? I mean, it’s never going out of style; and that’s true for fashion and for your home. There are just so many ways to use this color. And when June and I decided on highlighting  indigo for this week I knew immediately the DIY I […]

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DIY: Striped Flower Pots

Are y’all ready for THE easiest DIY you’ve ever seen?? If the word “DIY” tends to scare you off just stick with me. The only skill need for this is being able to place tape, that’s it! And it’s extremely versatile. Start with any flower pots you have, (we got these from Target for 79 […]

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A Frozen St. Patrick’s Day Treat

We’ve all had those St Patty’s Day in our 20s that have been full of green beers and fish bowls of…well I’m not really sure what those were filled with, but for June and I those days are long gone. Blame it on our self proclaimed grandma status but we just don’t have it in […]

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DIY Pom Pom Napkins

One of my favorite kind of DIYs are the kind where you add to or enhance something that already exists. These napkins are the perfect example of that, they give these napkins I already owned that little something special. The little pom-poms are tiny but have huge impact. And so easy to change to your […]

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A Pumpkin Table Setting

Y’all didn’t think we were done with pumpkins yet did you? We wanted to give y’all options for ways to actually USE pumpkins. Here we set the table for a cozy little pre-costume party supper that would work just as well for Thanksgiving! First is the centerpiece…To make a vase out of a pumpkin you […]

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Decorating with Pumpkins

Round here we love the classics, the traditional ways of decorating for the holiday and the jack-o’-lantern is no exception. But sometimes you just wanna try something a little different. Here we’ve come up with a few different ways of decorating with pumpkins including some no carve options.   The first option is a super […]

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Wall Hanging DIY

So this little project happened by accident. I found a beautiful piece of driftwood on the beach one day and thought it would make a nice art piece but I had no idea what that would be. After just hanging on to it for a while and running thru a few possibilities I decided to […]

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Home Decor To Transition from Summer to Fall

  We don’t know about y’all but we LOVE the holidays…cooking for the holidays, decorating for the holidays, everything related to the holidays. But sometimes you just can’t wait ‘til the holidays to put up some fun festive decorations. Enter this pretty sage wreath… TADA!! No, we’re not reinventing the wheel wreath, but we feel […]

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