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DIY: Striped Flower Pots

Are y’all ready for THE easiest DIY you’ve ever seen?? If the word “DIY” tends to scare you off just stick with me. The only skill need for this is being able to place tape, that’s it! And it’s extremely versatile. Start with any flower pots you have, (we got these from Target for 79 […]

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Floral Chandelier DIY

Happy S P R I N G y’all!!!! As I’m sure you’re all well aware by now, Monday was the first day of spring. But what you may not know is that today is June’s birthday!! With as happy and cheery as we have been around here lately we wanted our DI-Friday to evoke that […]

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A Frozen St. Patrick’s Day Treat

We’ve all had those St Patty’s Day in our 20s that have been full of green beers and fish bowls of…well I’m not really sure what those were filled with, but for June and I those days are long gone. Blame it on our self proclaimed grandma status but we just don’t have it in […]

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Galentine’s Day Cookies

  Y’all know here at Soma & Ulte we are all about female empowerment and we are SO fired up and inspired by all that has been going on recently. The turn out at Women’s Marches all over the world on January 21st blew us away! We weren’t surprised but seeing all those women (and […]

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We’re Dreaming of a White Christmas

Since we live in LA and the chances of us having a white Christmas are .00000001% we decided we had to make our own white Christmas. At least on the mantle. There are so many fun ways to decorate for the holidays but we couldn’t resist bringing a little winter magic indoors. And the best […]

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New Traditions: The Christmas Tree Hunt

We are all about traditions here at Some & Ulte. We honor our old traditions and we love making new ones! And we have made a new tradition when picking out our Christmas Tree. Every year we get dressed up in our #twinning style, make hot cocoa, and go out on the hunt for the […]

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“Merry” Knit Christmas Decor

When we stumbled across this adorable DIY over at Earnest Home Co¬†we knew immediately¬†that it would be a new addition to our holiday decor. The best part about this project is that it’s so easy to adjust any way you like using different colored yarn or writing anything you like. I learned how to knit […]

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A Thanksgiving Table Setting

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that sometimes gets overlooked. People jump from dressing up for Halloween straight into Christmas, we have been guilty of it ourselves. But Thanksgiving is actually one of our favorite holidays because it is a no pressure, no stress holiday. It’s all about friends and family getting together to take […]

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Thanksgiving Day Football and Snacks

There are those that come Thanksgiving day are in the kitchen starting at sun up and preparing food all day long, and there are those that are in front of the tv watching NFL all day long. No matter which one you are this post is for you! This is all about the snacks to […]

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All That Glitters is Gold

As we’ve been getting ready for Thanksgiving NEXT WEEK we’ve found ourselves really drawn to all things gold. Not that that’s all that unusual but it’s got just the right amount of festive flair for this time of year. And as always it’s everywhere, from sporty casual accessories to electronics. So please enjoy this weeks […]

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