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White Hot Beach Picnic

With Memorial Day a few weeks ago we are officially into SUMMER!!! Summer is hands down my favorite time of year, I love the heat, the beach days, the clothing, the flip flops (or barefoot if you’re like me), and the fact that the sun doesn’t set til 9pm! And one of the very best […]

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Strawberry Chamomile Paloma

As y’all know by now, when June and I get in the mood for a cocktail it’s 99% of the time gonna be a margarita that we go for. And while that’s always our favorite we like to switch that lime out for grapefruit sometimes and enjoy and paloma. And we love this recipe that […]

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A Frosty Pink Smoothie Bowl

Are y’all ready for a super easy and nutritious recipe you can whip up for breakfast in a matter of 5 minutes with just three ingredients? Morning can be so hectic that it becomes way too easy for us to grab something that has zero nutrients for our bodies or skip it all together. Well […]

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It’s A Unicorn Party

Now that we’ve spilled the beans on our biggest secret (our unicorn powers) we figured we’d keep it going. We know a lot of people wonder what keeps Wonder Woman in fighting shape, how Cat Woman keeps her svelte and strong figure, so we decided to go ahead and beat you to the punch. We’re gonna […]

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Orange Slice Popsicles

I don’t know about y’all but here in LA it is already starting to feel like the dog days of summer. The other day at work it was 98 outside, and we LOVE it!! And this quick rise in temperature has got us thinking about cool refreshing treats! I for one am always on the […]

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Galentine’s Day Cookies

  Y’all know here at Soma & Ulte we are all about female empowerment and we are SO fired up and inspired by all that has been going on recently. The turn out at Women’s Marches all over the world on January 21st blew us away! We weren’t surprised but seeing all those women (and […]

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Thanksgiving Day Football and Snacks

There are those that come Thanksgiving day are in the kitchen starting at sun up and preparing food all day long, and there are those that are in front of the tv watching NFL all day long. No matter which one you are this post is for you! This is all about the snacks to […]

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Thanksgiving Pies

If y’all are anything like us you always save room for dessert, no matter how what or how much is for supper. That’s why we’re jumping right to the pies!! And we have three delicious pies for you today. First up is the southern classic Bourbon Pecan Pie. We used this recipe here. Pecan pies […]

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Fall Sangria Recipe

So we know sangria is usually associated with summer but there are so many yummy fall fruits that it seems a shame to wait 7 months to enjoy this favorite cocktail. Especially when its so easy to make. And it doubles as the perfect hostess gift for the holidays if you put it in a […]

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Spooky Soiree

    Are you planning a spooky soiree this Halloween? Then you’ll need a spooky cocktail to go along with it, cause you know people are coming for the boos 😉 We wanted to create a sinister, blood red colored drink to pop against all the black and white décor. For this we went with […]

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