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Peachy Keen Sneakers DIY

Wooohooooo!!  This is the first fashion DIY of 2017 and we are doing a take on the cute shoe trend that’s going around.  All over we’ve been seeing shoes with tacos or sunglasses or some adorable phrase and I decided to show you guys how easy it is to make some yourself!  For this week, […]

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I’m Feelin Myself OOTD

Whether it is Valentine’s Day or not, here at Soma & Ulte we are ALWAYS about celebrating your sexy…. both on the inside and out!  For most of us this is not easy.  We obsess over our own flaws, we allow the fear of being judged to dictate our actions and, consequently, we get stuck in […]

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Make You Blush

When it comes to Valentine’s Day everyone has their own idea of the best way to celebrate. Or not celebrate! Regardless of what you choose you want to dress the part and we’ve put together our choices for what we’d love to wear for each scenario. So here it goes…   If you’re going out […]

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Blush! Blush! Hurry Hurry Lover Come to Me (OOTD)

  For those of you who are coupled up or plan on going out, Valentine’s Day  can actually be the perfect opportunity to tap into your inner romantic side.  For this fashion post, we decided to shop some really affordable looks if you’re searching for a great date night outfit.  We chose two different OOTDs […]

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Galentine’s Day Fashion

We’re baaaaaaack!!!!! After a whirlwind of holiday festivities with our families we could not be more excited to get back to our blog.  We both enjoyed having time off, but we also missed it because Soma & Ulte is our creative outlet and our therapy!!  The past few weeks of prepping for our return have […]

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Have Yourself An Edgy Little Christmas: OOTD

Today’s OOTD marks our last fashion blog post for the year!!  What? We truly can’t believe we’ve been up and running since the end of September because it feels like we’ve been doing this all of our lives.  I suppose when it doesn’t feel like work it just means we’re going in the right direction. […]

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland OOTD

Connie and I love our Christmas tunes and when we were brainstorming our color stories for our posts we decided that December had to be named after some of our favorite holiday songs.  And since the color of the week is white, we were inspired by Felix Bernard’s “Winter Wonderland.”  (Random fact- did you know […]

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OOTD: The Christmas Tree Hunter

So, in honor of this tree hunting tradition here at Soma & Ulte, Connie and I have embarked in another adventure in twinning.  When it came to brainstorming the OOTD ideas it went a little something like this: Connie:  What should we wear? June:  Green plaid tops. Connie:  YES!  I already have the perfect one… […]

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Date Night and Doggies

For this OOTD we wanted to celebrate all the wonders of Date Night!  Both Connie and I have been with our men for quite some time and it’s always important to keep things interesting.  Ya just gotta get in touch with your inner Sasha Fierce every once in a while.  Whether you’re single, engaged, or […]

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What Does Soma & Ulte Mean?

It’s funny now to think about where our little blog started.  It was over some chips and guac at Poquito Mas after a day of crafting when Connie and I just started joking around about perhaps making our little hobby into something bigger.  Between belly laughs and dreaming HUGE dreams, we decided that one day […]

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