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Football, Food, and Roomy Tops

It is finally time to be like Joey from Friends and put on our Thanksgiving pants!!!  Well, actually, we are putting on our Thanksgiving tops too because we want to be as forgiving on ourselves as we can when we happily dive into the stuffing and the gravy boat.  We are already drooling just thinking […]

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FINALLY.  It’s starting to feel like fall around Los Angeles and we couldn’t be happier!  The incessant heat and lack of rain has really worn us down and we are ready for change.  Connie and I are both from back east and it’s funny to think about growing up and how much the seasons made […]

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All That Glitters is Gold

As we’ve been getting ready for Thanksgiving NEXT WEEK we’ve found ourselves really drawn to all things gold. Not that that’s all that unusual but it’s got just the right amount of festive flair for this time of year. And as always it’s everywhere, from sporty casual accessories to electronics. So please enjoy this weeks […]

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The Embroidery Trend

If you haven’t noticed already, there was a huge trend in embroidery this past summer and it has now spilled into the fall season.  We saw them pop up on our denim jeans- around the pockets, down the thigh, or even on the bum- and now it’s invading all the stores and we’ve got zero […]

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A Sudden Heat Wave

Is it really November??  We can’t tell over here in Los Angeles because we are experiencing a crazy peak in temps… it was over 90 degrees yesterday and we are smokin!  So in honor of the heat wave, we brought out our summer fave, this off-the-shoulder top, to show you that you can still rock […]

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Jump(suit)in’ for Joy

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS HERE!!!!! Yes, we do count Halloween as the ultimate wardrobe kickoff and once November arrives we are in full fall fashion force.  If you haven’t seen this October 31st vs November 1st meme, well here you have it… a portrait of Soma & Ulte every year haha. […]

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Sweater Dress for All Occasions

Every season there is the reincarnation of the sweater dress and it is no surprise why it is such a staple.  It not only keeps you warm during the dropping temperatures, but it is also an easy way to look gorgeous in very little time. This specific Crewneck Sweater Dress can be found here at […]

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Fall Favorites

We hope everyone had an amazing Halloween, we here at Soma & Ulte had a Halloween we’ll never forget! And now its November 1st which means we are moving into full winter mode. And for those of you not quite ready to bust out all the reds and greens for the holidays but still want […]

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A Vampire Ball: Bat Skirt DIY

Here at Soma & Ulte we LOVE creating Halloween decorations, and costumes are no exception.  This year, however, we are doing something different so that we can still embrace the fashionista inside.  This week’s OOTD is dedicated to the Bat Skirt DIY, which is not only perfect for those who don’t want to totally commit […]

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The Witching Hour

Halloween is right around the corner and there is nothing more exciting to us than black cats, wide brimmed hats, and getting in touch with our witchy selves.  So naturally we recruited my very own black kitty, Jaxx, for this photoshoot and he happened to be the perfect accessory for this ensemble from Alice + Olivia! There […]

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