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Soma & Ulte Go Thai Wedding Dress Shopping

Being a first generation Thai daughter, it was pretty obvious to me at a young age that I would have two weddings: an American ceremony and a Thai ceremony.  I also knew this because I figured I’d be marrying a non-Thai guy since there were no Thai men to be found in the very, predominantly […]

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#WCW: Dari Ann Settel

We were absolutely honored to be able to wear pieces from one of our favorite stores, dari.ann the boutique, for our OOTD this week!  At first we wanted to borrow items that we both adore, but after trying on the items we HAD to own them.  This is basically how we feel every time we visit […]

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#WCW: Lucretia Tye Jasmine

When June and I first came up with the idea of dedicating Wednesdays to our Women Crush Wednesdays series we made a list of all the incredible women we knew and Lucretia Tye Jasmine was at the very tippy top of my list! I’m fortunate enough to call her my cousin and y’all are fortunate […]

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#WCW: Casey Ward

This weeks Women Crush Wednesday is without a doubt my favorite! Ok, so she’s my sister but that doesn’t lessen how incredible she is. As my big sister she has gone through all the “firsts” in life before me, first boyfriend, first to graduate school and navigate life on your own in college and now as […]

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#WCW: Sabrina Skau

This week’s #Women Crush Wednesday is Sabrina Skau!  She’s a director and editor at Sandwich Video, co-founder of the ‘Women on the Verge’ podcast, and she can actually kick your butt because she medals in brazilian jiu jitsu competitions.  Oh ya know…she’s just kind of a BIG DEAL. Sabrina is a wonder woman in the kindest yet most commanding way possible.  […]

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#WCW: Sharlene Chiu

Sharlene is a producer, director, writer and was host for MTV News Canada. She also created and produced  SHARLENE VS , an MTV travel series that took viewers beyond where the tourists go. Her nomadic spirit is rooted deep in her blood; Sharlene is a first generation Hakka-Canadian. Clearly she has accomplished so much in her life already but […]

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#WCW: Calico Cooper

We are extremely proud to announce that our very first Women Crush Wednesday is … CALICO COOPER!   We couldn’t have picked a better Renaissance woman to lead the charge of kickass women.  Calico is a singer, actress, model, choreographer, and producer.  You may recognize her from her roles on The Mindy Project, Hawaii 5-0, or Nickelodeon’s Henry […]

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Women Crush Wednesday Video

Happy Friday!! Now that you have a little overview of what our Women Crush Wednesday is, here’s a little about why we chose to dedicate an entire day to these women. The word ‘feminism’ has gotten such a bad rap and we want to do our part to change that. When we thought about what feminism means […]

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