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Red Hot OOTD

We are only 8 days away from the Summer Solstice and we are ready to rumble!!!  Things are finally heating up in Los Angeles and what better way to dodge the rest of the June Gloom than getting in one of our favorite summer shades… fire engine red *ow OW!*  It’s also quite appropriate considering […]

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They Call Me Mellow Yellow OOTD

Happy Monday, PEEPS!! This past week was super exciting for Connie and I because we actually got to work together at our (real) jobs for the first time in years!  You may have caught our instastories… we were totally relishing every single day we were getting paid to be together haha 🙂  Perhaps that is […]

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Show Me Your Stripes OOTD

YOOHOOOO!!!!  Can a giddy gal hitch a ride???  It’s finally spring, the sun is shining, the colorful flowers are starting to bloom and we are just freakin’ giddy about it!  People are taking road trips to see the poppy fields in Antelope Valley– in in fact, Connie just went the other weekend and OH MY […]

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St. Patty’s Day OOTD

WOOHOOOOO it is finally St. Patty’s week!!!  Not sure if either of us has Irish roots (yeah okay I probably don’t), but like many Americans we can’t help but celebrate our Irish brothers and sisters because they have one of the most fun holidays of the year.  The culture is rich in history and beauty, yet […]

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What Does Soma & Ulte Mean?

It’s funny now to think about where our little blog started.  It was over some chips and guac at Poquito Mas after a day of crafting when Connie and I just started joking around about perhaps making our little hobby into something bigger.  Between belly laughs and dreaming HUGE dreams, we decided that one day […]

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FINALLY.  It’s starting to feel like fall around Los Angeles and we couldn’t be happier!  The incessant heat and lack of rain has really worn us down and we are ready for change.  Connie and I are both from back east and it’s funny to think about growing up and how much the seasons made […]

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Jump(suit)in’ for Joy

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS HERE!!!!! Yes, we do count Halloween as the ultimate wardrobe kickoff and once November arrives we are in full fall fashion force.  If you haven’t seen this October 31st vs November 1st meme, well here you have it… a portrait of Soma & Ulte every year haha. […]

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Sweater Dress for All Occasions

Every season there is the reincarnation of the sweater dress and it is no surprise why it is such a staple.  It not only keeps you warm during the dropping temperatures, but it is also an easy way to look gorgeous in very little time. This specific Crewneck Sweater Dress can be found here at […]

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The Bomber Jacket Craze

There is a major bomber jacket craze this season and I just can’t seem to get away from it!  Every time I run into a store or when I’m prepping a job or even when I take a friend out shopping (Connie is no exception), there seems to be this LOVE for this silhouette. I kind […]

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Our First Fashion Post

  It is always so hard for us to say goodbye to summer, but we are absolutely giddy about fall and what it has to offer in fashion.  Hellooooo jackets, sweaters, and boots!!  I mean you can really go nuts over what you can buy, and if you have the time and money you can […]

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